Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics:
The language of instruction of this program is 100% English. The fundamental courses Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics are complemented by courses on modeling tools such as Game Theory and Advanced Econometrics and various field level courses such as Development Economics, Education Economics, Energy Economics, Financial Economics, Health Economics, and Industrial Organization. All courses are taught to heavily reflect faculty research and consulting experience to train students as well-rounded economists. 

In the third and fourth years of the program, students are expected to develop expertise in the economics of one of the fields and a related industry such as banking, electricity, hospitals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, or transportation. 

The deparmental faculty integrates successful undergraduates into the departmental research and consulting projects in their areas of developing expertise to help them gain experience under the direct supervision of their professors. Thus, our graduates have a unique advantage in placement and success in corresponding fields of study whether in the public or private sector or in graduate studies.

Program coordinators: 
Assoc. Prof. Sencer Ecer
Dr. Tolga Yuret

Istanbul Technical University-State University of New York Joint Program in Economics:
This program is jointly run with State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY). The language of instruction is 100% English. Regular students attend SUNY in the spring semesters of the last three years of their studies. Graduates have the opportunity of being educated in two universities and two cultures, receive diplomas of both universities and hence have a chance to work on both countries. The tuition and fees are different from the regular programs of ITU. For more details please visit: http://www.uolp.itu.edu.tr/ 

Program coordinators: 
Prof. Özgür Kayalıca
Assoc. Prof. Ipek Ilkkaracan